December 30, 2021

The Story of Effortless

The story of how my business partner Josie and I took a leap of faith and started to explore the world of Event Styling.

Creating Effortless

After years of working in the salon, my business partner Josie and I took a leap of faith and started to explore the world of Event Styling. 

Quickly after making this decision, we knew it was the right one. However, as much as we loved working in the freelance world, we knew that starting our own company would be a dream come true and allow us to take our passion and skill to the next level. 

Built on Core Values

We built our company around the core values of rooted confidence, a fun-loving attitude, and a commitment to fulfill each task to the best of our ability. In December of 2019, Effortless Beauty was born. 

Through the ups and downs of starting a company during the COVID-19 pandemic, God remained faithful, and we continued to gain momentum. 

Many long days and hours of hard work, mistakes, triumphs, and the exciting addition of hair accessory sales produced an unforgettable first year. 

Big Steps

Surging into 2021 with further gusto,  we added our first full-time team members to the company, began renting a studio space in Knoxville,  and found our way onto several of the local wedding planner's preferred vendor lists. 

Soon, what began as two girls excitedly dreaming about the future over chips and queso at their local Mexican restaurant became more than either of us could have ever imagined. 

Looking Forward

As Effortless Shop and Effortless Beauty, we continually set new goals for ourselves and have big plans for 2022. Projected to be the busiest year for weddings since 1984, we look forward to serving as many brides as possible. Additionally, our shop is excited about the addition of several new collections.

As our mission statement clearly puts it, we exist to nurture beauty. Our goal is that through a kind word, a stroke of a brush, or the perfect hair accessory, we can help you look and feel your best.

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